Aerial view of McAllen interstate

What Is It Like to Live in McAllen–Edinburg–Mission Area?

With the Rio Grande Valley as a splendid backdrop, McAllen never fails to impress. This South Texas town is steadily turning into a hub of international trade and commerce. If you are thinking of moving to the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area, you could take advantage of low real estate rates, low cost of living, and a thriving local culture.

So what’s it like living there?

Inexpensive real estate

Living in McAllen is easy on the pocket. In fact, when compared to the national average, McAllen is one of the cheapest places to live. Buying or building your house in this part of Texas is more affordable. This metro area is slated for steady growth in the next few years.

Reliable builders in the valley can get your home ready at much lower costs here compared to other areas of the country.

Low Cost of Living

With cheap housing, comes cheap living. McAllen residents spend less than those living in other parts of the US on basic amenities like food and healthcare. It is an affordable shopping destination for a variety of budgets.

Every day, many Mexican nationals visit McAllen on daily shopping trips and as a result, the shopping scene has expanded remarkably.

Agreeable weather

Residents and visitors alike enjoy warm weather most of the year. McAllen summers are indeed sultry and burning. With high humidity levels, summer months, especially July and August are quite uncomfortable. Winters, however, are more pleasant, with temperatures rarely slipping below freezing.

Reliable Transport

Although most residents prefer driving to work, several public transport options are equally safe and speedy. Intra-city bus services, bicycles, and other modes of public transit make for a comfortable journey. Shared transport is a hit with residents who navigate the metro area daily. The average time to get around the town is close to twenty minutes when driving a private vehicle.

McAllen is connected to major cities around the US through popular US airlines. If you live in the city center, the airport is just a couple of miles away.

Proximity to Institutes of Higher Education

Several high-ranking institutes can be accessed from the McAllen Metro area. The South Texas College, the Texas Southmost College, and the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley are some of the most popular ones. Each college offers courses in different areas of study. For those who wish to study hardcore technical subjects, the Texas State Technical College is the place to be.

Focal Point of Tourism

Being a border town, the McAllen metro area is a major attraction for Mexican tourists. Every year, the town sees an incredible number of foreign visitors who boost up the local economy.

Tourism in the metro area has seen a rapid rise in recent years. Both international guests and the local Texas population throng to it. The cooler months draw in tourists interested in the warm and welcoming weather. Bird-watching is an important activity at this time since the Valley sees a high volume of migratory birds.

Easy Entertainment

McAllen is anything but boring. There is no dearth of leisure activities for the young and the young-at-heart. From happening nightclubs and pubs to somber art galleries, the city offers something for everyone. If you love books, you couldn’t have been in a better place. The country’s biggest single-floor library is situated here and offers exciting reads to children and adult readers. Malls, restaurants, museums, and parks ensure that your days are spent well. Live music is a thing in McAllen.

If weekdays are spent at work, weekends are spent at the beaches. The coastline is some seventy miles from the town center and families often check out of their homes and into the sunny waterfront. Water sports, kayaking, and pedaling at Town Lake are refreshing pastimes too.


The metro area is the coming together of two distinct cultures that influence each other. Being situated close to the Mexican border, the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area is steeped in Hispanic cultural values and traditions. Fiesta de Palmas, holiday parades, and the La Plaza Mall are regular hangouts of the youth of this bicultural community.

When it comes to cuisine, you can expect to find dishes heavy with Hispanic flavors. You will also find international cuisine to satisfy your taste for the exotic.

The population is largely young and fluent in at least two languages. The population has increased manifold in the last thirty years or so, owing to a growth in business and commerce.

What residents and visitors most talk about is the kind of southern hospitality. The place is friendly, open to change, and has a small-town feel. But whenever you feel like exploring the surroundings, just head out to the major cities in close vicinity.

Jobs and Business

The town is among the top fifteen places to start a new business in the US. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, McAllen holds promise for you. The metro area also has a low unemployment rate. If you have potential the town may just give you the opportunity. Tourism is a major source of income. The average annual salary is a little over thirty thousand while the rent is less than a thousand dollars a month.

These and many other reasons make McAllen a cool destination. Whether you are in for the long haul or would like to live here for just a few months, getting to know the city is a pleasure in itself. Find a location that meets your needs and a builder that understands your demands and you could soon be on the way to living in your dream home. Living in the metro area is beneficial to young professionals as well as families with young children. The expenses are low, the weather is subtropical and there are lots to do on holidays. Visit the valley and take a look around the city on your own or find a builder who known the place thoroughly. They might suggest the best place to drop the anchor and call it home.