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Austin to RGV’s Best: Navigate Home Buying in McAllen-Edinburg

Are you considering moving from the vibrant city of Austin to the enchanting Rio Grande Valley? What an excellent decision for many reasons! And with Dolcan Homes at your side, you will have a smooth sailing journey in finding your dream home. Let us explore the reasons why moving to RGV is a wise decision.

Cost of Living

In the heart of the RGV, McAllen was named the cheapest city to live in in 2017. The affordability extends to its housing, which is below the national average. The RGV has become an increasingly popular place to move to due to the lower cost of living compared to the national average:

  • Housing is 43% lower.
  • Food 9% lower.
  • Healthcare is 24% lower.
  • Transportation is 8 % lower.
  • Goods and services 13% lower.

It is easy to find affordable housing for rent or purchase and enjoy the benefits the RGV has to offer.

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Economy and Job Opportunities

The RGV, with many cities, offers ample job opportunities in towns like Hidalgo, Edinburg, McAllen, and Mission. The primary employment sectors are government, medical, retail, and construction, and there are various incentives for entrepreneurs and investment. The economic growth is expanding into many areas. The RGV plays a significant role in economic development. The fair legal system, low taxes, skilled workforce, and quality of life contribute to the economic growth of the RGV. It is well-positioned for future job opportunities and is ideal for families and individuals to explore opportunities while affording the cost of living. The government leads with planning efforts in  RGV to bring about partnerships and innovation and recognize this rising borderland metropolis.

Low Crime Rate and Safety

The crime index in McAllen is low compared to similar-sized metro areas. The city has a low violent crime rate and is relatively safe. Violent crimes are rare, and residents can be confident in their safety. Property crimes such as burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft have a lower rate than in the rest of the state.

Personal Reasons for Relocating to RGV from Austin

Apart from the reasons discussed above, people preferred living in RGV for a variety of reasons, as mentioned on REDDIT:

  • I am sick of Austin traffic, the cost of living, city politics, and the general snobby attitudes of incoming residents.
  • Traveling around is fat. Plenty of events to visit from Mission to Weslaco. A-class neighborhoods.
  • I am living in a nice apartment in Edinburg. I’m still driving to McAllen for the restaurants and hangouts.
  • I got a great surprise about the McAllen area. I like it more! Better higher paying jobs, more commerce, stores, restaurants.
  • I would definitely recommend McAllen. I need to mention lots of hospitals and clinics. The cost of living is very low, and it’s got that small-town feel.

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The Real Estate Landscape of McAllen- Edinburg

Understanding and exploring the local real estate landscape before embarking on a home-buying journey is crucial. McAllen – Edinburg has witnessed a steady growth in the housing market, with a demand for both urban dwellings and spacious suburban homes. Nationwide, housing prices are increasing and outpacing the growth in home sales compared to the McAllen area, which was considered the economic powerhouse of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement).

The housing prices in McAllen -Edinburg have remained competitive, making it a suitable time for potential buyers to move.

The real estate market offers a range of housing options in RGV, with housing being half the price in McAllen compared to Austin.

Your Journey Starts with Dolcan Homes

Choosing the right real estate partner to make your transition from Austin to McAllen-Endinburg smooth and rewarding is paramount. Dolcan Homes, with their years of experience and commitment to client satisfaction, stands out as the premier choice. Seasonal professionals ensure clients find homes that meet their needs and align with their lifestyle preferences. They offer you a personalized approach, a comprehensive portfolio, transparent communication and dedication, and valuable insights into the local market. As you embark on this journey to a better life in RGV, contact Dolcan Homes to be your partner and guide.