What Are The Home Design Trends For 2021 In South Texas?

What Are The Home Design Trends For 2021 In South Texas?

South Texas is famous for its beaches, state parks, and lively atmosphere. Not to forget the King Ranch, which is the largest in the US. So it’s not too hard to realize why many people are moving in and building their homes in South Texas. If you’re one of them, then you’d want your home to look the most stylish, most elegant in every manner possible. Here are some home design trends you should follow to build your home in 2021.

Open Floors Are On The Rise

In the 21st century, the concept of open floors started to take off and became a norm for modern housing projects. It offered seamless flow and transition from one room to another. These encourage social interactions among the inhabitants of the house.

Even though these gained prominence in the 21st century, open floor designs are far from outdated. Many people building their new home are exploring the benefits and importance of open floors.

You do not have the standard wall partition that separates each room. So two rooms are joined into one in such a manner that they retain their intrinsic features. So the dining and kitchen room might not have a partition, but still, they would be designed in such a way to resemble a dining and kitchen room.

Royal, Formal Dining Tables

Dining rooms of late have been on the informal side. This is because most of the social gathers are arranged over casual weekends or holidays. This calls for a casual setting that is both relaxing and unruffled.

But designers see the opposite trend lately. People are open to designing a more formal dining space. It involves eye-catching lighting arrangements, bold colors, immersive artworks, tad expensive equipment, among other things. So this brings in that “WOW” factor into your kitchen room.

Built-in Seating

If any part of your house is facing a serene terrain, view, or setting, then you should make the most of that space. Since Southern Texas has a lot of natural beauty to impress, people opt for a window-side perch with a cozy seating facility.

This seating facility adds character to the room and adorns the space. Not only that, but it can be an excellent space-saving technique. You’re not consuming any area but adding on to it which might otherwise have been vacant.

In built-in seating areas, the sky’s the limit for creativity. You can create something like a cozy perch with few pillows or an entire bed that can accommodate two or more people along with your pet.

Designers expect more people to adopt built-in seating in their houses in 2021.

A Welcoming Landscape

The outdoor living area is just as important as the indoor one. Many homeowners have a separate blueprint in place for outdoor space on how to go about it.

In 2021, the trend is expected to be the same or even intensify. The foundation of a welcoming landscape is a covering. This can be with natural grasses or artificial ones. But barren land is something few people would want to see. To accompany the coverings, you have trees evenly spread across the area. Gardens, bushes, and shrubs are also included in modern outdoor settings.

To complete the setting, you need to have lighting arrangements. These will create a safe environment for yourself, your kids, and your pets in the dark.

Tiled Bathtub Aprons and Floating Vanities

Tiles can potentially transform the shower area and the bathroom at a minimal cost. In 2020, more number of people were requesting tiled bathtub aprons for their bathtubs.

But homebuyers are also looking for seating arrangements inside their bathrooms other than the toilet. This is to relax or sit still when using the bathroom or after you’re done with the nighttime skincare routine.

Floating vanities are an excellent addition that’s both minimalist and contemporary. Not to mention they free up floor space too.

Roof Overhangs

Capping off the list with roofing arrangements, roof overhangs are going to be back in 2021. This is even more important in the Southern Texas climate that ranges from semiarid for a few months to extremely wet in others.

Overhangs are meant to provide shade to the windows. A hipped roof with wider overhangs is usually best to fight the Southern Texas heat.

The area also receives a comparatively higher amount of rain. So the overhangs will aid in rain harvesting too.

When building your dream home, you should choose evergreen themes over intermittent trends. This would ensure your house enjoys the maximum market value all the time. The above trends are here to stay and are in-line with the Southern Texan weather conditions.

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