What Are The Best New Home Features For Mission, TX

What Are The Best New Home Features For Mission, TX

One of life’s most exciting adventures is building a home according to your specifications. If you’re building your own home, one of the biggest advantages is having the ability to have every detail exactly the way you want it, as per your family, preference, and lifestyle.

There are several things to consider if you’re building your dream home. With technology and methods advancing day by day, there are countless new home features builders can pull off to make it extra comfy.

Here are a few options for you to consider if you live in Mission, TX.


Group of friends entertained in kitchenOne of the essential spaces in a home is the kitchen – it’s where the food is made, and if you’re an avid cook, investing in a good kitchen might be the best thing you ever spent money on. How much or how little you want depends on how you plan to use the space. Some exciting features that might take your fancy are:

  • A large island in the middle of your kitchen
  • Lighting under the cabinets
  • A pantry that you can walk into
  • Rather than cabinets that open up top, get shelves
  • An in-home breakfast bar
  • Inbuilt appliances
  • An at-home breakfast nook

Extra Rooms

A custom-built home should reflect the kind of family you are a part of. If you’re an artsy lot, why not get a room just for music or art supplies? If you have the option to, it’s great to think beyond just the essentials. Try to weave in spaces that will genuinely take your lifestyle up a notch. Your home is where you spend the most time. You want to make sure it suits your needs so that life can be more enjoyable.

Some extra room ideas you might want to consider are:

  • A home theatre/movie room for some family downtime or when you have the gang over for movie night. A basement-level room could be great for sound. Complete with a projector, a surround sound system, you’ll wonder if you ever need to go to the movie theatre again.
  • If your family is the sporty type, an at-home gym can be one of the most used in the whole house. Activities like yoga, rock climbing, table tennis, or even a mini basketball court can be incorporated.
  • For those excited about having people over, social gatherings, and entertaining, a space that will be the envy of all your guests can be an outdoor seating area, complete with a bar, lounge chairs, games, and a poolside refreshment area.

Build Personal Storage Space

It is essential to ensure that you have plenty of space to store tons of heirlooms and belongings you have stored up over the years.  You must ensure that you have lots of room for storage areas in your new home, especially if you plan on being there long term. This is another great advantage of building your own house from scratch. You know exactly how much is needed and can get it done and according to your aesthetic.

  • Units for storage that is functional and displays well
  • Storage areas near seats, windows, and beds
  • You can also try using a television set, video game consoles, and entertainment units to hide shabby-looking cables.

Make Your Home Smarter

In this day and age, people are getting busier and busier by the minute, and it never hurts to have a little extra help!  It can be a considerable convenience to set up a smart home with the latest tech so that you don’t have to stress about the details that often get left out. Having a smart home can help you maintain your daily routine, which can be a big plus for your health Home automation is a very present reality now. Many firms have developed state-of-the-art home security technology over the last few years.

Here are some must-have smart home features that you can bring to your home for maximum ease.

  • Install a system for your house’s security. Try using smart doors, keys, cameras for surveillance, alarm systems, and mobile monitoring of people who come and go.
  • Smart home automation greatly eases how you navigate your home’s temperature, automatic appliances, and basic lighting.
  • Home theatres build-in speakers can significantly enhance your at-home movie theatre experience

Why Stop At A Walk-In Closet? Get A Run-In Closet

One way to amp up your daily life is to get a huge walk-in closet. More and more people are starting to want enough space to keep their clothes and have a mini-ramp to check themselves out from all angles. Rather than getting a regular entryway closet, you might like a room attached to your bedroom, complete with mirrors on all four sides and a shoe closet.

So, these were some of the best features to have in your home in Mission, TX.

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