10 Most Underrated Features Of A Home For Resale Value

10 Most Underrated Features Of A Home For Resale Value

When trying to increase the resale value, several features can bump your home up a few levels. Improving your house is an essential long-term investment that can go a long way if you ever need to sell it in the future. Here are the ten most underrated features in a home that can improve your resale value.

modern kitchen in whiteModern Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to start when undertaking a home renovation. Most buyers first look at the kitchen condition when they consider buying a house. If the kitchen is already updated, they need not worry about refurbishing it after they move in. Even a simple revamp of the shelves or the refrigerator can go a long way. Light fixtures, sinks, a fresh layer of paint, buffed countertops, new faucets, flooring, new appliances – these are just some of the several things you can look at if you want a new look.

Huge Master Bedroom

The ultimate private space in any home is the master bedroom. This is where a homeowner spends most of their time, and putting in the effort to spruce it up will go a long way. Consider having the room remodeled before the house is put up for sale. However, you do want to leave some room for imagination so that potential homeowners can imagine their own furniture and lives in the space. Don’t worry if the master bedroom isn’t the biggest. As long as it is clean and furnished well, people will want it.

attractive curbAn Attractive Curb

The outdoor area is the first thing a potential buyer will see when driving up to the house. The curb should be welcoming. Driving in should feel like a homecoming. Making improvements to the curb doesn’t cost much and can make a lasting impression. A little landscaping, attractive flowers, and well-groomed hedges generally do the trick. For the long term, you might want to consider getting it done professionally. A poorly maintained curb can be a huge eyesore and turn away buyers.

An Extra Guest Bathroom

Homebuyers are obsessed with bathrooms. The bathroom situation can make or break a deal. One bathroom per room is generally a safe choice but having an extra one for guests and communal use is a huge bonus that can really drive up the value. Consider how much you’re willing to shell out. Even with a tight budget, you should be able to manage a small, well-functioning bathroom near the living area.

An Extra Non-Bedroom Room

Basically, a multipurpose room can be used as a study, hobbies room, laundry, storage room, playroom, home office, or home theatre. Some people also call these rooms flex rooms. With the ongoing work from home, these extra rooms are attractive as they are turned into home offices.

Walk-in closet whiteWalk-In Closets

A walk-in closet doesn’t have to only be in a giant mansion. With a bit of room planning and fresh perspective, a regular closet can also be turned into a comfortable walk-in closet. Extra storage always attracts buyers and makes a positive impact. A walk-in closet makes a homeowner feel grander than the house might actually be. Ensure adequate storage, lighting, and mirrors when putting one in place.

Original Wood Floors

Carpets are out. Hardwood floors are in. The new trend is engineered wood flooring that is durable and long-wearing. Additionally, it gives the illusion of increased floor space and creates a much more aesthetic environment. Rather than the usual plywood, you could consider wood floors made of thin veneer or bamboo.

Nice Attics And Basements

There’s a reason people in scary movies hate basements and attics. Just because it is a place for storage doesn’t mean it should be damp and haunted. Check that the stairway to your attic and basement room is in good condition and has plenty of insulation and windows for adequate ventilation. A well-lit, fresh, and well-maintained basement/attic leaves an excellent impression on potential buyers.

Spacious porchSpacious Porch For Family Time

Potential buyers will take one look at a porch out back, and with the right furniture and appliances, they will imagine themselves having a barbecue night with family and friends. Adding a lovely table, a few chairs, a grill, and maybe an outdoor umbrella for sunny and rainy days will paint the picture well.

Sprinkler System

When used efficiently and adequately, sprinkler systems can reduce the time and money to maintain a lawn. People with a lawn hate pulling out the hose and dragging it around to ensure their green lawn doesn’t turn yellow. Sprinklers tell potential home buyers that their lawns will maintain their lushness.

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