Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities in McAllen

Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities in McAllen

As one of the top places to raise a family in Hidalgo County, McAllen is a safe, vibrant place with amenities for parents and kids alike. When it comes to finding a forever home that is both beautifully and ideally located near the best that McAllen has to offer, there are a few communities you must explore. Here are 5 of the most family-friendly (And beautiful) communities in McAllen. 


The Mayfair subdivision by Dolcan Homes is a single builder neighborhood nestled beside Cimarron Country Club and the best schools in the Sharyland area. This neighborhood also sits near everything you need for a happy family life, including shopping, dining, grocery stores and the Skypark Trampoline Park for hours of fun for you and your children. 

Couple Push Daughter In Stroller As Son Rides Scooter

Even better? This community itself, while near the major attractions, is a peaceful community set in a quiet environment. That makes it a safe space where your kids can play with friends, you can connect with neighbors and you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The type of home you live in is just as important as where you live. At Mayfair Subdivision, you can enjoy access not only to perfectly situated lots but also Dolcan Homes’ 20 years of building expertise. Every home built in this subdivision boasts impeccable attention to detail, lavish living spaces, beautiful craftsmanship and premium building materials for a home that is comfortable for your family for years to come. 

Sharyland Plantation

More family friendly than 99 percent of other neighborhoods in McAllen, Sharyland Plantation is famous for its family-friendly amenities and top-rated schools. Ideally situated in the heart of McAllen, this community offers a variety of homes to suit your family size and needs. These include both single-family homes and townhouses nestled among perfectly landscaped areas and well-maintained streets. 


In addition to beautiful homes and a safe, low-crime environment, Sharyland Plantation offers the amenities that make family life more rewarding. Expect to find parks, walking trails, recreational facilities and endless opportunities to forge strong community relationships with other families. 

Tres Lago

Tres Lago is a collection of beautiful neighborhoods surrounded by expansive green spaces, stunning lakes and accessible hiking trails. Among the neighborhoods in his master-planned community are a gated community, a neighborhood focused on sustainability and green living, a self-contained “town” of single-family homes, parks, pools and more, and community surveillance for added safety. 

One of the distinguishing features of this community is the access it provides to outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, walking, swimming and even just exploring these quiet neighborhoods make this place a secure way to enjoy an active lifestyle with the family. 

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In addition, Tres Lago offers access to superior schools that make an excellent education easy to obtain for your children. As a vibrant place focused on everything that makes family life rewarding, it is one of the most desirable communities in McAllen. 

Los Encinos 

Los Encinos combines peaceful living within a beautiful setting. Even better are this community’s spacious homes with yards big enough for children to run and play. Turn your home into a retreat where your family can connect, while also having room to spread out. 

Asian family walking in yard or public park in neighborhood for daily health and well being, both physical and mental happy family.

In addition, this community boasts a community pool for enjoying summer days, playgrounds for keeping little ones entertained, and a clubhouse where you can connect with other families in the neighborhood. Friendly residents and a close-knit community complete this community’s full complement of vibrant family amenities.

Monte Cristo Residential Estates

This gated community in McAllen creates the ultimate sense of security within a beautiful and exclusive community. Expect to find quiet, well-maintained streets lined by beautifully landscaped yards and elegant homes. This is the perfect environment to find a space that is large enough for the whole family, beautiful enough to give you an upscale quality of life and quiet enough to enjoy work, play and family time.

As the perfect location for upscale living and family-friendly life, Monte Cristo offers a secure neighborhood for playing, exploring, entertaining and connecting with other residents. You will find numerous, like-minded families with kids for your kids to play with and other adults for you to spend time with. In addition, this community offers amenities such as a community pool, tennis courts and a clubhouse, all of which make daily life within this beautiful neighborhood even more fun and rewarding for every single member of your crowd. 

Finding a family-friendly place to live can significantly improve the quality of life for every member of your family. McAllen offers many choices. If you want to enjoy spacious and exquisitely-crafted homes alongside family-friendly amenities and beautiful neighborhoods, consider Dolcan Homes’ new home communities. Explore the Dolcan homes gallery and contact us to bring your family home to life. 

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