Thinking of Building Custom? Here are 12 Things You Should Know

Thinking of Building Custom? Here are 12 Things You Should Know

It is said that dreams come true in the season of giving. If you have ever dreamed of a custom home, now is the time to build it. So put up the lights and gather around. We are going to take you on a ride through the custom home building process.

Here are the 12 things to know before you build a custom home:

1. Plan to the last detail

Draw it, improve it, fix it, and then, only then, set about building it. A well planned home is always a better option. Things will go wrong and rock your boat but with a detailed plan, you’ll always have an anchor. How will you use the space under the stairs? Will white lights fade against a white background? Tiles, fixtures, paints, and layout – there’s a whole range of details to look into. And a plan keeps everything together. Plan your purchases, your payment options, and factor in emergencies. All in the name of mental peace.

2. Decide on a budget

One of the first things that you need to work on is a home building budget, especially if this is your first home. That includes the cost of labor, construction material, local permits, compliances, and most importantly, mortgage. Make sure to set aside an emergency fund, for unforeseen expenses. All said and done, the availability of funds plays an important role. You don’t want to flag off construction and then get held up for lack of finances. So go through them first. How much can you afford? What is the status of your savings?

3. Find the right builder

Your builder is ultimately responsible for the final house you get. Make sure they have enough experience and expertise to undertake a house building project. Preferably, hire someone with an impressive portfolio of ready homes and who can take you to visit a few. An established builder is able to make the entire process quicker and smoother with well-placed resources and reliable sub-contractors.

4. Go location hunting or get your lot assessed

It is mandatory to get your spot assessed before you can lay one brick. Delays in getting clearances can raise the construction costs manifold. If you don’t yet have a piece of land, talk to your builder for recommendations. Ask friends and family about suitable locations and check them out for yourself. You can’t move the house once it’s built so choose a location that has most of the facilities you want every day.

5. Get a 3D layout of your home with full customization

It is possible to see how the house would look like with software-generated designs. Before building gets underway, ask for a 3D layout that has been tweaked to fit your needs. How big your kitchen needs to be to host cozy annual dinners with the whole family? The number of rooms, the elevations, the position of the garage, the flooring and the rest- design your house just the way you want and see it all come together in the model.

6. Keep your communication lines open

Custom building is quite a task. Avoid casting a shadow on it with confusing messages. Clearly understand what you want and communicate it as lucidly as possible. Use photos if you please but send across a definite, complete message. Similarly, if you don’t quite get what the builder says, ask questions, and then ask some more. Clear communication is essential for an easy working relationship.

7. Expect mistakes and take them in your stride

Small errors are a part and parcel of big projects. So don’t panic at the first slip you find. Caught early, they can be fixed fast and no one will notice. Sometimes they turn to be rather good for long-term living. Once you begin your new life in your new home, you may even forget they exist.

8. Look at the bigger picture

Hair-splitting can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes it is difficult to arrive at a decision regarding the perfect printed wallpaper so let others take the lead. Things usually fall in place once the project enters its final phases. Save yourself sleepless nights by refusing to worry over small details that take care of themselves.

9. Hire the services of a designer

Some things are best left to professionals. Design aspects like space management, allowances, color, harmony, and whatnot are best determined by a professional designer. Consider their valuable input on style and functionality. They can also help you cut down on design expenses you thought were necessary.

10. Think of placing furniture before construction begins

This is especially true if you have built-in wardrobes. Allot the required space to all custom furniture before the house structure is finished. Else, you have to settle for furniture that sticks out. Not just placing them but also moving around them needs to be considered.

11. Factor in the timeline

How much time can you devote? From purchasing supplies to visiting construction sites, you need to spend a considerable amount of time on a project of this scale. So take out your planner and check out your engagements. Can you spare a few hours every week? Are there prior arrangements that might prevent you from fully attending to home building needs? If you have a lot of commitments, it might be best to postpone building for a short while.

12. Be patient with everyone, especially with yourself

A lot of people work to make your dream come true. Get to know the crew. Appreciate their hard work and understand that things take time. Monitor the work closely but avoid being too hard on either yourself or others around you. For the holidays come every year to remind us to be kind and considerate.

To sum up

Whether it’s a big house or a humble one, make sure you are checking all the must-have boxes. From prioritizing your needs to finding the right building partner, everything matters when you are making your biggest investment. And what’s bigger than a new home to ring in the New Year with your loved ones?

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