How To Give A New Build Home Character

How To Give A New Build Home Character

Everybody loves a homey vibe with individuality peeking through the room. If you have been searching for ways to spice up the newly built house, you have purchased or built or looking for new ways to view your home in a new light, here are some ways to bring out your creativity to give your new home some character.

Textures and colors can add depth

A splash of color on the walls is a good idea to start if the white walls are a little bland for your taste. Lighter colors give better lighting to the room. Introducing two-toned walls, one for the ceiling and another for the sides, is also a way of adding a personal touch. Darker colors on the walls can be balanced by warm lighting, like lamps or white-colored decors. Coloring the cabinets with earthy tones gives a retro vibe to the room.

Paneling is also a good way of introducing texture to the walls and corners of the rooms. They come in various designs and materials like wood, stone, and synthetic panels. They are easy to install and are beautiful and stylish, adding charm to the walls.

Wall décor

Wallpapers are a great way of introducing contrast to the room. There is a broad spectrum of patterns, be it stripped, floral, prints, or abstract painting, giving a whole new look to the room. They can be incorporated in the drawing-room, the bedroom, or even on the staircases.

If panels and wallpapers are too much work, there are simple wall décors like wall hangings of pieces of artwork, inspiration quotes on frames, family pictures, and Gatsby mirrors. They add personality to the room. Wall decor is great to work with and customizable depending on what you feel that day.


To further emphasize the vibe you would like to portray, picking the right furniture is important. Furniture can change the entire outlook of a room. Bold and unique furniture will attract attention and serve as a statement piece. New furniture can be balanced with something vintage, like rugs or antiques. For a more cohesive look, you can go for furniture having one color or shades of a particular. Based on your taste, you can go for a traditional and contemporary style or modern style furniture or both, adding a touch of their uniqueness to the room.


Shelves are also one way of adding layers to the room. Wall shelves with minimalistic style are a must for modern homes, serving both style and practicality. Mirrors can also be used as a styling piece to provide the illusion of space in a small room, a stairway, or a narrow corridor.

Proper lighting

There are plenty of lighting options depending on the mood of the room. Warmer tones give a cozy feeling, while whiter tones are generally for ambient lighting. LED headlights and accent lamps can be placed in areas where a soft glow of light is needed. Table lamps and wall lamps light can provide task lighting or background lighting to the room. Chandeliers can be placed to provide a luxurious look to the room. Scented candles placed on decorative trays can be used in the dining room, kitchen, and even bathroom cabinets to provide warmth and set a mood.


A little vegetation is a must to bring life inside the house. Succulents are a favorite with minimal care, absolutely beginner-friendly, but a sight to see when placed in selves and tableware. Bonsai are a perfect accessory to add to the room. Indoor plants like a rubber plant, and fiddle leaf fig, can be placed beside the windows, filling the room’s corners. Minimalistic styled shelves paired with indoor plants like ZZ plant and anthurium, to name a few, can serve as a centerpiece in a drawing room or a large spaced dining room.


Rugs around the living room provide comfort and add an extra layer to the floor. They can be used to complement the furniture and add cohesion to the room, or they can stand on their own as a statement piece.

Curtains-like rugs can also add either an element of surprise or harmony to the room. You can add a pop of color to the room with colorful curtains with frenzy designs, or go minimalistic with your choice of curtains. You can also use curtains to separate and divide the room for a large hallway to create more room or privacy. Furthermore, you can also use curtains to add a layer to the bedroom walls to get a more intimate feeling. Windows and doors inside the halls can be dressed with long and elegant curtains, providing an exquisite feeling to the rooms.

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