Grill area in the villa by the sea. A large courtyard with a stone grill and an open white stone kitchen.

Design Inspirations for Outdoor Kitchens in South Texas

Do you frequently host backyard parties? Do you love to have barbecue nights and poolside fun? If yes, an outdoor kitchen would be a great addition to your custom home.

Unlike an interior kitchen, an outdoor kitchen should be constructed considering the weather and durability factors. Outdoor kitchens in South Texas should be particularly made to withstand warm temperatures. Winters don’t pose trouble for outdoor kitchens in Texas as they are fairly mild. The rainy season also doesn’t last long.

South Texas experiences long stretches of hot and warm days, and therefore, here are some of the Texas weather-friendly outdoor kitchen inspirations to opt for.

1.    Modern and elegant kitchen in steel

Steel is the best material for a stylish outdoor kitchen. The material is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and weather-friendly. It can withstand all types of weather.

Beautiful luxury outdoor kitchen with all accessories, grill, stove, sink, green marble countertop, industrial extractor fan, wooden roof

Not all outdoor kitchens had to be fully uncovered. You can enclose your outdoor kitchen with a hut-shaped roof and keep it open from two sides. This will keep it well protected and, at the same time, spacious and open. You might also want to add an outdoor barbeque stove, cooking station, and sink with a faucet. You can find inspiration for a steel outdoor kitchen at Dolcon Homes Gallery,

2.    Marble and stone-based outdoor kitchen

Another weather-friendly outdoor kitchen inspiration is using granite stones or marbles for your outdoor kitchen construction.

You can incorporate stone walls or brick-textured stone walls into your outdoor kitchen. They go well with the backyard setting and are perfect for the poolside outdoor kitchen as well. Not to mention, these are easier to maintain. The myriad designs and textures give you many options that fit your setting.

3.    Ultra-chic outdoor kitchen for small spaces

All you need is a single slab to create an outdoor kitchen of your own. If you think your backyard can’t accommodate a well-designed outdoor kitchen, you may be wrong.

Your patio area can be turned into an outdoor kitchen. All you need to add is a granite or marble slab and a built-in BBQ station. For a cooking station, you can install a separate worktop so you have enough space for food preparation. This worktop can also be used as a bar stool seating area to enjoy your meal.

New home communities in South Texas accommodate custom-built outdoor kitchens in small spaces really well.

4.    Pizza oven outdoor kitchen

Incorporating a pizza oven is again a great idea for small outdoor kitchens. If you are not fond of BBQ nights, you can also have a pizza party by installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen.

View on the pool and the summer terrace

Everyone knows pizza requires very minimal preparation. You only need space to install a pizza oven and a cooking countertop. If you are not short of space, you can also add a freestanding or portable BBQ grill to elevate the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.

When designing, you can keep it highly luxurious and sophisticated or simple and budget-friendly. Although South Texas doesn’t witness harsh cold weather, a heating unit can be installed on top to keep guests moderately warm during chilly nights.

You can also add a furnace unit, which also provides extra warmth.

5.    Bar design for outdoor kitchen

You can also take inspiration from a bar kitchen to design your outdoor kitchen. A bar-style kitchen will have a hidden cooking area beneath the bar top. The bar top (elevated) can act as a dining area with high stools for guests to enjoy the food.

New and modern outdoor kitchen on a sunny summer evening

This is again very suitable for small spaces. Bar-top outdoor kitchens are usually curved. The house owners can have the appliances installed on the inside of the bar top. You can also install a furnace that can act as an oven where you can enjoy wood-fired Italian pizza.

The kitchen walls can be designed with big stones, or you can also choose a wooden outdoor kitchen. A good-quality wood used in architecture is a great material for the weather of South Texas. It keeps the kitchen cool and also provides the convenience of easy maintenance and cleaning.

6.    U-shaped outdoor kitchen

Do you have a big patio? In that case, you can also consider a U-shaped outdoor kitchen. A U-shaped outdoor kitchen is like an open kitchen with a lot of space. Imagine the shape of U. You can have a separate cooking workstation and dining countertop space parallel. The rest of the space connecting the two lines can be used to install the BBQ station.

Furthermore, you still get ample space to install appliances like refrigerated drawers, pizza ovens, stone fireplaces, and more.

You can keep the design modular or have a tiled, stone, or wooden-textured kitchen setup. All of these materials are convenient for outdoor kitchen construction in South Texas.

7.    Large-sized stucco outdoor kitchen

If you have a large spare area for your outdoor kitchen by the poolside, a stucco-inspired outdoor kitchen is also a good option. This is best if you do not want to spend much on designing. You can have a T-shaped outdoor kitchen with vertical and horizontal dining slabs. You can also have them lie parallel to each other. This means a cooking countertop slab and another parallel slab that acts as the dining table.

You can add wooden flooring or a wooden roof to this outdoor kitchen. You can also have the wooden cabinets installed. The combination of marble flooring and wooden cabinets will also match well. To take it a level further, you can also get a fan installed to beat the heat.

A TV installation on the front elongated wall is a great way to add entertainment.

8.    Monochrome outdoor kitchen

Stuck on the interior designs?

You can choose to keep the interior monochrome. A monochromic outdoor kitchen adds oomph, class, and luxury. All black, all white, and all blue are some of the common monochrome colors used for outdoor kitchens.

Home builders in McAllen, TX, prefer this type of outdoor kitchen setting in their outdoor kitchens.

All-white kitchen walls with steel fixtures (including cooking appliances and the cabinets’ doors) are one choice. You can also have all-white kitchen walls and all-white kitchen cabinets.

Final Words

These were some of the outdoor kitchen inspirations to try. Some of the considerations to make for outdoor kitchen inspiration are kitchen space, kitchen shape, and interiors.

What usually matters are the interiors and kitchen design. A monochromatic kitchen setting, a rustic setting, a stone-walled outdoor kitchen, wooden accent cabinets, or a steel outdoor kitchen – there is no shortage of options.

That said, if you want to build an outdoor kitchen from scratch or revamp your existing one, contact us today.