7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a House With a Pool

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a House With a Pool

A backyard pool is not a luxury anymore. Anyone with adequate space in their backyard can construct a customized concrete swimming pool with a few thousand dollars of investment. As more and more people are staying in because of the pandemic and working from home, they consider having a pool to relax and have fun with the family.

But the big question is, “Should you?”. In this article, we will explore this intriguing question. The seven questions discussed below will help you decide if you should build a house with a pool in it.

Are You Spending More Time Home?

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced most of the population to stay indoors. With lockdowns and social distancing in place, people cannot go to the amusement park or any entertainment centers. That’s why some they’re turning to their backyard to build a swimming pool.

With the pool in place, people can spend some quality leisure time safely. This is especially crucial for people who are working from home. Working in isolation can be stressful. This can also lead to fatigue and burnout.

But spending a few hours by the backyard pool, you can refresh yourself like you do when you visit an amusement park.

Do You Have Adequate Space?

A swimming pool will consume space. So the next question you should be asking yourself is –do you have adequate space in your backyard or front yard to build the pool?

The space requirement will depend on the size of the pool you desire to build. But the estimated size of the pool is not enough. You need to consider the total area.

As a general rule, your pool should consume no more than 30% of the available outdoor space. This means your area should be three times larger than your pool. Anything less would potentially interfere with your outdoor activities.

Do You Have a Fence?

Local laws of many states and communities make it mandatory for people with pools to have a fence as well. This is to protect the members of the community. So the next question you should be asking is –do you have a well-protected fence or can afford to build one?

Are There Children With Special Needs?

Water activities can aid people with special needs. Especially among children, these activities can improve their mental state as recognized by the CDC.

The disabilities can be developmental or psychotic, or post-traumatic state in nature. When we submerge in the water, it makes us feel weightless. This feeling of weightlessness can help people with mental disabilities.

Engaging in water activities will also help them strengthen their muscles and bones. The natural resistance offered by water is just enough for them to exercise their body.

Also, since these poolside activities engage the entire family, it’s an excellent refreshing time for them.

So do consider building a pool in your house if you’ve members with special needs.

Can You Afford The Cost?

Building a pool isn’t going to be cheap. You’re going to have to spend money. Therefore, you have to be financially prepared for it.

Depending on the size and materials used, you can expect a total cost of $4,000-$5,000. But that’s not all. You’d have to incur regular maintenance and cleaning costs too. Expect that to be around $200-$300 per session.

But since it’s a long-term investment, spending that much money might be a good thing. Over time, you’d see an increase in your house market.

Can You Afford Higher Insurance Premium?

Having a pool at your house is also going to complicate your insurance policies. Pools are considered a liability. So, they can be covered under insurance.

Since the pool is an external structure, it will be more vulnerable to damages. This would increase your monthly premiums. Some insurers may not cover the pool under their policy at all.

Therefore, it’s advised to consult with your home insurance provider before building the pool. If you’re on a mortgage, then there’s additional discussion to be done.

Can You Pay Higher Utility Bills?

To pump water into the pool and then drain it, you will require an electric pump. And this would consume electricity. As per estimates, homeowners pay around $300 per year just in electricity bills to operate the pump.

The larger the pool and the volume, the more money you will pay to operate it.

So ask yourself –can you afford higher utility bills over a long period? If yes, then you can move ahead with your backyard pool plans.

If you’ve answered positively to most of the seven questions above, then you’re in a better position to build the pool. Residents in regions like South Texas would benefit significantly from such a construction. Summers are hot and humid, and you’ll love spending time in the pool with your family.

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