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10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Building A House

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Few things are as cherished as your home. The first time you step into your new house is an unforgettable moment. But building a house can go wrong in a thousand different ways, especially when planing for a family home. From location and budget to comfort and resale, there are important questions to ask yourself when building a house.

If you are reading this, you are already preparing to invest in your dream home. Here are the 10 most important questions to help you and your family make the right choice.

1. Can we afford it?

The budget for your new home depends on a lot of factors, for instance, your savings, current borrowing rates, your salary, and mandatory expenses. Consider taking the dive only if you are sure you can afford it at this point in your life.

Expenses tend to fluctuate and you should be able to meet them without filing for bankruptcy. Your finished house will require maintenance too. A proper budget makes room for contingency funds along with building expenses.

2. Where should it be located?

quiet street in suburb neighborhood

Location hunting is always exciting. Buyers often think of factors like distance from workplace or school, connectivity, water lines, malls, or hospitals in the vicinity and the cost per acre. You would also want to know what type of plot it is and whether the soil is fit to support a finished house. The elevation becomes a concern if the neighborhood tends to get waterlogged in the monsoons.

So part of the groundwork involves visiting the location more than once and trying to find out as much as you can about that place. Once you’ve purchased, there’s no moving it.

3. What do I want out of my house?

This is all about your needs and preferences. This is going to be the place you return to every day and shut out the big, bad world. In other words, what would you want your house to look and feel like?

What are the must-haves?

  • A sprawling living room?
  • A drive-in garage?
  • A tidy little front porch?
  • Smart, energy-saving features?
  • Modular, multi-functional spaces?

There are many house styles to select from. Custom homes or adaptable ones appeal to those who like to design or move things around. Time to think of personalizing your little space and making it as practical and artistic as you want.

4. How long would it need to build?

Your builder will be able to brief you. Plus, before the contract is signed and the first brick laid, you will have agreed upon a timeframe. However, as experienced buyers warn, the road is not going to be smooth. Sometimes, building rules get modified. Sometimes even the most thought-out plans don’t work anymore.

Any reliable builder would be able to handle these unforeseen holdups and assure their clients of complete support so the construction does not suffer from delays.

5. Where can I find a builder that meets my needs?

Man and woman couple talking to contractor holding plan

Experts state that working with home builders who share your passion and increase the value of your home is usually the best fit. You may also want to look out for expertise and reputation. Check out building companies that use software-based home designing or licensed architects. You might want to go through our list of questions to ask a custom home builder before hiring them.

They can help you finalize every aspect of your home keeping in mind your budgetary constraints, preferences, and functional aspects. You may talk to their past clients for a firsthand reference.

Who you would trust with giving shape to your dream is perhaps one of the biggest questions to ask yourself when building a house.

6. How can I get permission?

If everything is in order, getting permission should not be tough. You begin with the plot itself. Protected green zones or dump yards are not usually permitted for construction purposes. In some cases, the land may be held up in litigation issues.

Besides, building restrictions and rules vary from place to place. Your builder should be able to guide you in the right direction since they deal with these issues regularly.

7. What material should I use in construction?

Luxury living room interior with stairs and mixed materials in walls

House builders make use of all kinds of supplies – bricks, glass, metal, wood, concrete, and clay. Do you have a preference for certain material or desired look? Some buyers take interest in materials that last long and are a good value for money, while others want to achieve certain looks or follow a trend. Besides durability and price, you should ask yourself what style would you like to bring to your home.

Sometimes materials that have a higher upfront cost give good returns while the cheap and attractive ones destabilize the whole structure. So it pays to put some thought into material selection.

8. Will my house have a respectable resale value?

Life can spring surprises and should you need to move, your biggest asset should give you the biggest return. The resale value depends on a lot of factors like the age of the property and its upkeep. Real estate stability is also a determinant.

When you hire a home builder you should ask them about it if you have plans to put it on the market.

9. Are my papers ready to process?

Homebuilding might hit a snag if your documentation is inadequate. Make a move only after you’ve assured yourself that all papers are in place and you have all the permissions.

It is pretty frustrating to run from department to department updating, copying, or verifying plans, deeds, agreement, and all the inherent legalities. In fact, your chances of getting permission go up if your documents are ready.

10. Can we live through the stress?

House building is a project of gigantic proportions. Not only do you shell out your hard-earned money but also fit your entire lifestyle around it. It is especially challenging for families with small kids who are happily ignorant of all behind-the-scene struggles.

Apart from strenuous work hours and regular household duties, you have to make time to visit the building site several times. For everyone’s sanity, it is best to take your family into confidence so everyone is extra-supportive of each other.

Get in touch with us today if you still have questions or are done waiting for your new home. Our experts are ready to turn your dream into a reality. The moment you step into your new home is an unforgettable one. We make sure it is also perfect.