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San Antonio to Mission: Your Home-Buying Guide for RGV

Considering a move from San Antonio to Mission in the Rio Grande Valley? We bid you a warm welcome to the vibrant culture, warm weather, and a rich historical setting like Mission. Find a guide for the homebuyer moving to Mission with ample reasons to make the move!

The Property Market Scene

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The latest Texas Real Estate Research Center data indicates that housing sales grew modestly despite elevated mortgage rates. San Antonio experienced a drop in new listings with an increase in the average number of days on the market. Single-family construction permits increased by 2.9%, but there was a decline in San Antonio for building permits for single-family homes, and multifamily dwellings followed this trend with a slow decline since.

In Mission, a competitive housing market prevails, with prices 6% higher than last year. There is demand, with 0.10% of homebuyers nationwide searching to move to Mission from outside metros such as San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle. One of the key attractions to moving to Mission is its affordability, with housing costs being less than 46% of the U.S. average. Housing prices are more budget-friendly compared to San Antonio. The median housing prices are about $ 160,000 less than comparable cities, and the rental market is about $300 less monthly.

Cost of Living

Mission is part of the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission Metro area and is ranked 268 out of 273 cities nationwide in terms of cost of living, estimated to be 80,9% of the national average, making it one of the least expensive cities in the U.S. San Antonio, TX, is 14.4% more expensive than Mission, with the median home cost being the more significant factor in the difference in cost of living. Other expenses for living cost include:

  • Food and groceries: 9% higher in San Antonio.
  • Commute: 13,7% higher in San Antonio.
  • Health: 2,9% higher in San Antonio.
  • Child care: 62,5% more expensive in San Antonio.

Living in Mission is much more affordable than living in San Antonio.

Schools and Recreation Opportunities

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There are 89 good public schools in Mission. Many green spaces allow residents to enjoy warm weather all year round with their families.


Crime in San Antonio is significantly higher than in Mission. Violent crimes, composed of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, are 37/100, whereas in Mission, it is 11.1/100. Property crimes, which include burglary offences and larceny-theft, are 72.4 in San Antonio, compared to 40.8/100 in Mission. 98% of the communities in Texas have a lower crime rate than San Antonio.

Top 10 Neighborhoods in Mission

The following ten neighborhoods are considered the best in Mission:¿

  • Sharyland Plantation: a mix of residential and commercial properties with top schools.
  • Cimarron Country Club: a gated community for people who like an active lifestyle with access to golf courses.
  • Meadow Creek: well-kept community with tree-lined streets and charming homes.
  • Bentsen Palm Development: an energy-efficient community where sustainable living is the norm.
  • Redstone Estates: a popular neighborhood with walking trails, modern amenities, and a beautiful playground.
  • Tanglewood at Bentsen Palm: a community with a swimming pool, fitness center, and well-maintained grounds.
  • Mission Hills: a neighborhood with a mix of old and new homes, good schools and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Legends at Cimarron: luxurious homes in a gated community with first-class amenities.
  • Woodland Ridge: a newer neighborhood in Mission for younger families.

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The Next Steps

After researching information about Mission, consider the requirements for the home and communities you want to move to in Mission. Determine your budget, and contact Dolcan Homes to walk through the process of getting pre-approved and selecting a location, style, and design for your new house.

Moving to Mission from San Antonio could start an exciting new time in your life. Contact us now to guide you on this journey!

The Art of Craftmanship in Modern Home Building

Home front

Today’s rapidly evolving world demands renewal, elevation, quality, production, and advanced technology underlying sustainable construction. In custom homes, craftsmanship emerges as the key to unlocking unparalleled individuality. A skilled craftsman is essential in creating a new building and bringing the architectural drawings to life. The construction industry, being competitive and highly specialized, requires the skills of skilled craftsmen to fulfill the role.

Stylish living room

Modern Home Building

The homeowners value homes built by true craftsmen because the final product is a testament to the craftsman’s dedication. The craftsman will get involved right away from the start to review plans, discuss logistics, ask questions, and follow up on the client’s needs. A design-focused craftsman can notice a design detail that needs clarification or does not meet the client’s requirements. The individually chosen elements for a custom-built home appeal to the customer and are crafted with meticulous attention to the client’s satisfaction.

Design and Craftmanship go Hand-in-Hand!

Thoughtful designs create homes that are aesthetically pleasing but also enduring, functional, and sustainable, making every home more than a structure. The art of a craftsman who interprets architectural designs for custom-designed elements achieves this. Architectural elements such as hand-carved wooden accents, bespoke metalwork, individually designed fireplaces, and artisanal tiling have become defining features of modern homes. This human touch by a talented craftsman brings warmth, character, and detail to a home.

Carpenter work with plane on wood plank

Skilled Craftsmanship: The Backbone of Quality

A craftsman’s expertise in carpentry, masonry, electrical work, and plumbing ensures that the home is seamlessly integrated into the overall design and structure with flair. The home created is unique, transcending the transactional nature of the construction. The homeowner knows their style is reflected in the living space with artistic skill and passion. A craftsman often offers guarantees of quality and durability.

Traditional Craftmanship and Technology

Home building is undergoing a significant transformation. The inclusion of cutting-edge technology, together with traditional craftsmanship, enhances efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. The precision of 3D Printing ensures that everything fits perfectly, and modern-day homes are equipped with the latest technology to control security, lighting, temperature, and entertainment. The synergy between technology and craftsmanship breeds innovation, and harmonizing the two creates structures that reflect the best of both worlds.

Young couple meeting construction planner

Requirements of an Expert Craftsman

A master craftsman must ensure the client’s vision is aligned with the architect’s interpretation. The craftsman will communicate with the designer and the homeowner. They will be in total control of the scope of work and requirements and will communicate with the subcontractors regularly. They will run the job efficiently, keeping the client’s expectations in mind. Craftsmanship is not about the finished product; it is a journey of creation.

Craftsmanship has found its place in modern home building, creating a sanctuary for the homeowner with a unique impact of design, care, and precision—as a beacon of individuality. Modern home building has shifted from the mundane to the extraordinary, with craftsmen playing a vital role in shaping modern homes for the future.

Dolcan Homes offers you that unique custom home with innovation and design, outstanding care and attention, and the expertise of a skilled craftsman with years of experience. Contact us to start your journey to a custom-built home with the art of brilliant craftsmanship.

Austin to RGV’s Best: Navigate Home Buying in McAllen-Edinburg

Portrait Of Couple Standing Outdoors

Are you considering moving from the vibrant city of Austin to the enchanting Rio Grande Valley? What an excellent decision for many reasons! And with Dolcan Homes at your side, you will have a smooth sailing journey in finding your dream home. Let us explore the reasons why moving to RGV is a wise decision.

Cost of Living

In the heart of the RGV, McAllen was named the cheapest city to live in in 2017. The affordability extends to its housing, which is below the national average. The RGV has become an increasingly popular place to move to due to the lower cost of living compared to the national average:

  • Housing is 43% lower.
  • Food 9% lower.
  • Healthcare is 24% lower.
  • Transportation is 8 % lower.
  • Goods and services 13% lower.

It is easy to find affordable housing for rent or purchase and enjoy the benefits the RGV has to offer.

Young woman signing contracts

Economy and Job Opportunities

The RGV, with many cities, offers ample job opportunities in towns like Hidalgo, Edinburg, McAllen, and Mission. The primary employment sectors are government, medical, retail, and construction, and there are various incentives for entrepreneurs and investment. The economic growth is expanding into many areas. The RGV plays a significant role in economic development. The fair legal system, low taxes, skilled workforce, and quality of life contribute to the economic growth of the RGV. It is well-positioned for future job opportunities and is ideal for families and individuals to explore opportunities while affording the cost of living. The government leads with planning efforts in  RGV to bring about partnerships and innovation and recognize this rising borderland metropolis.

Low Crime Rate and Safety

The crime index in McAllen is low compared to similar-sized metro areas. The city has a low violent crime rate and is relatively safe. Violent crimes are rare, and residents can be confident in their safety. Property crimes such as burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft have a lower rate than in the rest of the state.

Personal Reasons for Relocating to RGV from Austin

Apart from the reasons discussed above, people preferred living in RGV for a variety of reasons, as mentioned on REDDIT:

  • I am sick of Austin traffic, the cost of living, city politics, and the general snobby attitudes of incoming residents.
  • Traveling around is fat. Plenty of events to visit from Mission to Weslaco. A-class neighborhoods.
  • I am living in a nice apartment in Edinburg. I’m still driving to McAllen for the restaurants and hangouts.
  • I got a great surprise about the McAllen area. I like it more! Better higher paying jobs, more commerce, stores, restaurants.
  • I would definitely recommend McAllen. I need to mention lots of hospitals and clinics. The cost of living is very low, and it’s got that small-town feel.

Family Walking Through Mall With Shopping Bags

The Real Estate Landscape of McAllen- Edinburg

Understanding and exploring the local real estate landscape before embarking on a home-buying journey is crucial. McAllen – Edinburg has witnessed a steady growth in the housing market, with a demand for both urban dwellings and spacious suburban homes. Nationwide, housing prices are increasing and outpacing the growth in home sales compared to the McAllen area, which was considered the economic powerhouse of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement).

The housing prices in McAllen -Edinburg have remained competitive, making it a suitable time for potential buyers to move.

The real estate market offers a range of housing options in RGV, with housing being half the price in McAllen compared to Austin.

Your Journey Starts with Dolcan Homes

Choosing the right real estate partner to make your transition from Austin to McAllen-Endinburg smooth and rewarding is paramount. Dolcan Homes, with their years of experience and commitment to client satisfaction, stands out as the premier choice. Seasonal professionals ensure clients find homes that meet their needs and align with their lifestyle preferences. They offer you a personalized approach, a comprehensive portfolio, transparent communication and dedication, and valuable insights into the local market. As you embark on this journey to a better life in RGV, contact Dolcan Homes to be your partner and guide.

Designing a Family-Centered Home: Features Every Family Need

Happy family with kids playing board games

When your family dynamics have changed, and you are looking around to get the perfect home to accommodate your family, stop. Look no further and design your own family-centered home! The experts at Dolcan Homes can assist in designing such spaces and give you the support and guidance you need. Designing a family-centered home requires thoughtful considerations and meticulous planning. This blog will explore the essential features of designing your family-centered home.

Different Family Dynamics

It might not be a long-lasting setup once you get married and only the two of you are on this journey. Soon there will be little ones with needs and requirements. There must be plenty of room for the nuclear family’s activities, accommodating each individual’s need as they grow, or shared activities to foster connection in the family. Children grow into individuals with their own interests and talents, which parents should accommodate and encourage. Balance design solutions are essential, with plenty of storage to maintain room for being together while having each person’s own space to explore their talents.

Nowadays, there are more and more multigenerational families in one household. It happens when older parents move in with their married children to help care for little ones or to assist if a parent has passed on – leaving the other spouse vulnerable and on their own. The design for a family-centered home with intergenerational families will require careful planning to accommodate the different ages and incorporate larger common areas for family interaction and bonding.

Blended families have unique needs. Allow enough space to encourage freedom to feel “at home” and a communal space where interaction and bonding occur. Involve everyone in the design and planning of such a house with blended families to choose their preferred color scheme, furniture, and other personal preferences necessary for individual comfort and a sense of belonging.

Portrait of happy family with grandparents at home

Designing a family-centered home goes beyond the physical layout. It would help if you created an environment with meaningful interaction, communication, and emotional bonds between family members. Each member must have their privacy, accessibility, and aesthetic space and know it is their house.

Stay Connected

A spacious, open floor plan is the cornerstone of a family-centered home. Open layouts enhance and facilitate connectivity, allowing interaction and supervision among all family members, especially where little kids are involved. Recreational areas such as playrooms create spaces where engagement in shared activities can take place. Incorporate comfortable seating areas and add fund elements like board games, a TV for movie nights, a PlayStation, a ping pong table, or a cozy fireplace for snuggling up together. A dining area can lead onto the open relaxation areas with sliding doors for flexibility.

An outdoor entertainment area with a grill or fire pit adds space to enjoy the good weather during summer. An outdoor space is associated with mental health and family cohesion. Use the beautiful corners in your garden to create outdoor retreats for quiet time for older family members. According to Oliver Heath Designs, nature can be brought inside to create a peaceful area and reduce stress. Dolcan Homes, a company that builds for families, prioritizes integrating outdoor living spaces such as patios, gardens, and porches to foster a deeper connection with nature and each other.

A functional kitchen encourages family time with family meals. The kitchen should have good lighting, ample storage, quality appliances at hand for use, and an inviting atmosphere for all family members to gather and prepare the family meals. The requirements in the kitchen must accommodate the family’s needs, with adequate counter space, double ovens, warming drawers, and ample seating to make the kitchen the heart of the home.

Keep the following in mind when planning your family-centered home’s kitchen:

  • Maximize circulation space between fixed spaces.
  • Location (and size) of the rubbish bin that will be easily accessible for all – even small children.
  • A breakfast cupboard with everything needed for a smooth morning.
  • A pantry with enough storage space that is not too difficult to access.
  • Include a homework station, study nook, and charging stations for iPods and phones.
  • A snack area where healthy snacks can be available for people at home during the day.

Fostering Private Spaces and Alone Time

With ample space to encourage family bonding, you must keep in mind the privacy of each member, which is crucial for maintaining harmony within the household. Family members feel valued and respected if they have a private space to relax and recharge. Bedrooms are often the ideal space for this purpose. Involve family members with the layout of their space and the décor and coloring of furniture and walls. You should make their personal space as comfortable as possible, allowing them to create the ambiance they need. A spa-like en-suite bathroom or a reading nook with a comfy chair and ample lighting can bring harmony between socialization and solitude. These spaces offer shelter from disruption while promoting relaxation.

Ample Storage and Decluttering

Smiling woman using laptop at home in bedroom.

Clutter can quickly detract from the functionality and aesthetics of the family home. Built-in storage spaces throughout the home help maintain order and minimize clutter. Assign spots for specific purposes like boots, umbrellas, coats, school bags, and things that do not need to go to the bedroom and clutter the individual’s haven. Vertical organizers on walls, furniture with built-in storage, and spaces under staircases can open up spaces and allow for a neat, organized home. Toy storage cabinets and wall mount hooks provide space for items and are still easy to access.

Materials for Variety and Cleaning

Utilize durable materials for longevity and easy cleaning in the design of your family-centered home. Simple and affordable self-cleaning materials are an increasingly popular solution that reduces maintenance and pays in the long run. Semi-transparent materials provide visual connectivity while maintaining privacy. Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, and textiles create warm and cozy areas and create visual interest. These natural materials must be placed with thought, as sticky fingers in the playroom can become a cleaning nightmare.

A Functional Laundry Room

For a family-centered home, the laundry room should be at an entrance where the family can leave muddy boots and clothes during lousy weather spells, keeping the dirt away from your living space. Include multiple shelves with laundry bins for dirty clothes, or clothes that need ironing. Have space in the laundry room for your cleaning utensils and vacuum cleaners. The laundry room is ideal for pet food, toys, and leads.

Designing a family-centered home requires a holistic approach to accommodate the inhabitants’ daily living and diverse needs and preferences. Plan well and seek the expertise of Dolcan Homes in crafting that perfect family abode!

Dallas to RGV: Your Path to a Perfect Home in Hidalgo County

Portrait Of Family Standing Outside House

Finding the perfect home is a significant milestone in life, especially if you are to move to another county or place you do not know. Dolcan Homes are here to guide you on your journey from Dallas to the beautiful Rio Grande Valley in Hidalgo County. Let us look at why you should consider moving to Hildago County.


Hidalgo County is located in Texas with a population of 873,167, where most residents own their own homes. If you are a young professional or a family looking to start a new life somewhere, Hidalgo County is one of the most affordable places to live in South Texas. According to the  Council for Community and Economic Research, certain places in RGV are ranked as the third least expensive urban area based on housing, utilities, and other costs. Housing costs are affordable and will only consume a little of a person’s income. Dolcan Homes offers many communities to move to where you feel at home.

Economic Opportunities

The Hidalgo County Economic Development Corporation highlights the growth in the region’s economy and investment opportunities, making it an attractive destination for businesses and professionals. With over 20 cities in the area, job opportunities are endless, and the employment rate has increased by 2.3% in the last few years, with people working mainly in management, business, science, and art fields. The largest industries that people work in include education, health, social assistance, and retail trade. Hildago County is the ideal destination to build a career and future.

House is placed on the calculator.


Hidalgo County offers a robust educational system. Excellent quality of education is provided by several higher education institutions such as Texas Southmost College, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Texas State Technical College, and South Texas College, as well as the exceptional IDEA Public Schools. The public schools are above average in the USA, with the IDEA College Preparatory schools ranking third in the nation.


The crime rate is low in Hidalgo County compared to other cities of its size. The low crime rate and family-friendly activities make Hidalgo County an ideal place to call home.

  • The Crime rate is 12 per 1,000 people, which is lower than the national average.
  • Violent Crime Rate is 3 per 1,000 people, lower than the national average.
  • The Property Crime Rate is 9 per 1,000 people, lower than the national average.

Dallas has a higher rate of violent and property crime than the national average.

Handcuffs and wooden gavel.

The Real Estate Landscape

A change in homebuyers’ preferences has been detected over the last few months. The demand for spacious, well-designed homes with modern amenities is rising. There is a growing interest in suburban living and the importance of accessibility to amenities and green spaces. Dolcan Homes aligns with all these trends, needs, and desires of today’s homebuyers.

Dolcan Homes takes pride in their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, innovative designs, and customer satisfaction. They have diverse plans available to suit your family’s needs and desires. Dolcan Homes offers detailed help to make your move from Dallas to Hidalgo County smooth and make your dream of finding a perfect home a reality to start an exciting future in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley.

Celebrating Christmas in Your New Weslaco Home: Decoration Ideas

Christmas night

Rocking around the Christmas Tree and preparing your beautiful new Weslaco house for the festive season is exciting! Create new traditions in every nook and cranny in your new Weslaco home to celebrate with family and friends and showcase your gorgeous house. We have some ideas for Christmas decorations to transform your space.

House christmas decorations in gold and silver colors. !hristmas wreath on the door

·        Welcoming Wreaths

Hang a welcoming wreath on your porch or front door. Be creative and make your own! Doing this can become a new tradition for many Christmas seasons in your new Weslaco home. Use material from your garden with various shades of green, red felt, ribbons, and other decorative materials. The splashes of green and red will add colorful charm to your front door and set the cheer to continue inside.

·        Twinkling Lights

Lights in the trees or shrubs outside, solar lamps in your flower beds, or along the walkways in the Christmas colors red and green can highlight the natural elements of your home. Fairy lights, classic white lights, and colorful LEDs create a warm and inviting ambience for guests to enter your place of Christmas celebrations. Get ideas around you from neighbors and other homes decorated with lights. Visiting Jasmine Street, Weslaco could inspire you to start the same tradition!

·        Designed for Christmas Doormat

Guests can stop and look at your welcoming wreath while standing on the festive doormat. A creative festive doormat is a small but significant detail to set the tone for entering your home.

·        Happy Hallway

The first impression inside your home is the hallway. Start with a garland or fairy lights going up the railing, or have a small nativity scene or Christmas tree. The hallway is your place to be creative. Look at the corners and places you want to emphasize. The surfaces you can use – and want to protect. Decide which elements you want to include – and go all out! Create your decorations and have the whole family join in, or buy unique decorations. Amaze your guests and welcome them with your personalized Christmas decorations.

hallway entrance with Christmas decoration

·        Mantel Marvels

If your new Weslaco house has a fireplace, the mantel is the prime spot for festive Christmas decorations. Arrange candles, decorative figures, greenery, and stockings into a charming display. Have personalized stockings for staying guests and include stockings with candies and Christmas cookies for visiting guests.

·        Christmas Tree Extravaganza

The focal point of your Christmas decorations is your Christmas tree. Whether you buy a fresh Christmas tree or an imitation – your decorations will make it memorable. Decide on the best spot to make a statement and display your new home’s characteristics. Decorate with ornaments, tinsel, lights, and a bright star. Add a special touch by decorating with unique handmade ornaments or decorations that your guests can stop to observe the beauty.

·        Cozy Christmas Comfort

Incorporate cozy textiles like blankets, pillows, and knitted throws into your living space. Have delicious treats ready to serve, like eggnog, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and other traditional treats you can prepare before the time. Guests will experience the season’s warmth through your hospitality and admire your exquisite home and decorations.

Decorated living room with beautiful Christmas tree

·        Scent-sational Ambiance

Make your home smell like Christmas by adding scented candles or potpourri with cinnamon, pine, or citrus fragrance. Make oils, aromatic garlands, candles or potpourri to welcome guests when entering and linger with them long after they have left your home. Focus on scents that will evoke memories of Christmas in your Weslaco home.

Celebrating Christmas in your new Weslaco home is an opportunity to create cherished memories and establish traditions that will be part of you and your family in your home. Incorporate your decorating style and transform your space into a festive haven that radiates warmth and joy.

Explore the stunning residences perfect for your celebrations at Dolcan Homes.
Wishing you a joyous and festive holiday season filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of your Weslaco home.
Happy decorating and Merry Christmas in your Weslaco home from Dolcan Homes.

How to Incorporate Universal Design in Your Pharr Custom Home


Imagine a home that welcomes everyone, regardless of age or ability. That’s the true essence of ‘universal design,’ which is not just a concept but an integral aspect of one’s lifestyle. Universal design focuses on creating spaces that are accessible and functional for people of diverse needs and capabilities.

Have you ever envisioned such a design where your home accommodates everyone comfortably and easily? If so, you’ll enjoy learning about different ways to incorporate universal design into your Pharr custom home. In this article, we’ll explain some simple tips and considerations that will help you easily implement elements of universal design in your home.

So, join us in reimagining the concept of home – a space where comfort and accessibility come together.


Understanding Universal Design Principles

Universal Design is a concept developed by architect Ronald Mace. The philosophy behind his idea is that living spaces should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, or circumstance. It’s about making environments user-friendly without the need for special adjustments.

Various principles come into play under the umbrella of universal design, such as:

  1. Equitable use: ensures that design caters to diverse needs, fostering an inclusive atmosphere.
  2. Flexibility in use: allows a room or a feature to accommodate various needs, ensuring it serves multiple purposes seamlessly.
  3. Simple and intuitive use: ensures that design doesn’t require complicated instructions so that everyone can interact with every element of the home without difficulty.
  4. Perceptible information: ensures that design communicates effectively, catering to sensory abilities.
  5. Tolerance for error: acknowledges that everyone makes errors and aims to minimize the impact of those errors within the designed environment.
  6. Low physical effort: ensures that physical activities within the space can be performed by anyone with low effort.
  7. Size and space for approach and use: ensure that your home design considers varying body sizes as well as mobility devices, allowing everyone to move comfortably.

These 7 fundamental principles are at the heart of universal design.


Benefits of Universal Design in Home Construction

There are many benefits of building new home communities with Universal Design.

  1. Enhanced Accessibility for All

Universal Design isn’t just about meeting specific needs but also about enhancing accessibility for everyone. Imagine a home where toddlers, grandparents, and friends with mobility challenges can all feel at ease.

  1. Aging in Place Advantages

One of the remarkable benefits of Universal Design is its ability to support aging in place. As your family evolves, your home can adapt, eliminating the need for major renovations or relocations.

  1. Increased Property Value

Homes designed with Universal Design principles often have broader market appeal. As the population ages, the demand for universally accessible homes is rising, making your property an attractive investment.


How to Build Homes with Universal Design?

So, you’re intrigued by the concept of universal design. How do you translate those concepts into your Pharr custom home? Of course, professional builders and architects with the expertise and experience to incorporate universal design can be hired. But as the homeowner, deciding what type of home you want is in your hands.

That is why it’s important to know the basic elements of building homes with universal design. And, as the leading home builders in McAllen, Tx, we’re here to tell you all about it.

Assessing Your Needs

Begin by understanding your family’s unique needs. Consider daily routines, potential future needs, and any specific challenges faced by family members. Collaborate with professionals experienced in Universal Design, such as architects and occupational therapists. Their expertise will help you make informed decisions based on your family’s requirements. Work with your architect to ensure your home’s layout considers accessibility from the beginning.

Accessible Entryways and Exits

From the type of doorknobs to the flooring material, select features that are universally accessible. This proactive approach eliminates the need for extensive modifications later on. Incorporate ramps and wide doorways for easy mobility. These adjustments not only accommodate wheelchairs but also make moving furniture a breeze.

Utilize Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space holds immense potential to blend beauty with accessibility. Choose plants and terrain features with varying textures and heights, catering to diverse sensory needs. Incorporate ramps alongside stairs so that individuals with mobility aids can move around easily.

Integrate various seating options like benches, chairs with armrests, and raised garden beds. This allows everyone, including those with different mobility levels, to relax comfortably outdoors.

Kitchen Modifications for Accessibility

Creating an accessible kitchen involves thoughtful adjustments to enhance usability for individuals of varying abilities. You can install countertops at different heights to accommodate users in wheelchairs or those who prefer sitting while working. Opt for pull-out shelves and drawers to eliminate the need for excessive reaching or bending. This design ensures easy access to items for everyone, including those with limited reach or dexterity.

Touch-sensitive or lever-handled faucets that facilitate easy control of water flow can also be a nice touch to your universally designed kitchen.

Bathroom Upgrades for Safety and Comfort

The bathroom also presents certain safety hazards for people, so it’s important to minimize such risks as part of universal design. Install grab bars near toilets and showers to support individuals with balance or mobility challenges. Choose flooring materials with non-slip properties to minimize the risk of accidents. Opt for shower stalls with low or no thresholds to facilitate easy entry and exit. This design allows people using mobility aids to easily access all areas of the bathroom.

Smart Home Technology Integration

Embrace smart home technology with voice-activated controls. From adjusting the thermostat to turning off lights, these features enhance convenience for all residents. Automate repetitive tasks to reduce physical strain. Smart home systems can simplify daily routines for everyone in the family.

Flooring Considerations for Universal Design

Choose flooring materials that provide a secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Create smooth transitions between rooms with low-pile carpets. This not only aids mobility but also adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Universal Design Lighting Solutions

Well-lit spaces are crucial for everyone, especially those with visual impairments. Maximize natural light and complement it with strategically placed artificial lighting. Consider architectural features that allow ample natural light to enter your home. Sunlight not only enhances visibility but also contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Furniture Choices for Accessibility

Invest in furniture that adapts to different needs. Adjustable and multi-functional pieces provide flexibility and comfort for everyone. Arrange furniture to create open spaces that are easy to navigate. This not only enhances accessibility but also fosters a sense of inclusivity.

Art and Aesthetics

Select art and décor that resonate universally. Art transcending cultural or physical boundaries adds a personal touch to your home. Contrast and color choices also matter if you want to create a visually appealing environment that is considerate of those with color vision impairments.


Make Your House A Home

Embracing universal design principles in your Pharr custom home creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Assess your family’s unique needs, collaborate with professionals, and consider accessible entryways, outdoor spaces, and smart home technology. Thoughtful modifications in the kitchen and bathroom and the right selection of furniture can contribute to a universally accessible and aesthetically pleasing home.

Incorporating these elements makes your home a harmonious blend of functionality, safety, and beauty.

That said, do you want to incorporate Universal Design in your Pharr custom home? Contact Dolcan Homes to get started.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Mission, TX

Smiling woman stuffing dry leaves into bucket autumn garden housework

Fall in Mission, Texas is a magical time of the year. The Rio Grande Valley bursts into a symphony of colors. The sweltering heat of summer gives way to milder temperatures, and homeowners can enjoy the crisp air and the serenity of their homes. Fall is also the time to prepare your house for the changes that fall brings and prepare your home for winter. Here are some tips on what to do to maintain your house in tip-top condition.

The technician checking the heating system in the boiler room with tablet in hand

HVAC Systems

Air Filters: Replace your HVAC’s air filters to ensure they operate efficiently. Clean air filters help maintain good indoor quality and extend the life of your system. Cleaning air filters should be done regularly as Americans, on average, spend approximately 90% of their time indoors – even more so with cold winter months approaching. Some pollutants are often two to five times higher than outdoor concentrations.

Professional Inspection: Consider hiring a professional to inspect your HVAC. They can identify and address issues before it becomes an unnecessary expense. Check the HVAC vents and ducts for dust and debris built up over the summer. Remember to move any flammable material away from heating systems or heating vents.

Thermostat: Now is the time to change to heating from cooling. It will save energy and extend the life of your HVAC system. You can save up to 10% annually on energy costs by turning your thermostat back to 7° to 10°F. The recommended settings for the colder months of 68° F should be comfortable at home. When you are asleep, it can even be lower – between 63° and 65°F. Another wise idea might be to install a programmable thermostat. Although thermostats can be adjusted manually, programmable thermostats will return temperatures to normal before you wake up or return to your home. Remember, the furnace does not work harder than usual to warm a space. As soon as your home drops below its average temperature, it will lose energy to the surrounding environment.

Window and Door Maintenance

Maintenance of window and door seals is essential to keep the fall chill out. Seals wear out over time and let cold air in or warm inside air escape. It is easy to repair and remove the old caulk or weatherstripping, filling all gaps around windows and doors. Clean the windows to allow more light into your home and provide a clear view of the beautiful fall scenery outside.

The worker installing and checking window in the house

Gutters and Downspouts

Clear all debris and leaves from gutters and downspouts to prevent rust, rot, and pests. Check at the same time whether the gutter brackets are fastened and that water is not flowing behind the gutters or pooling near the foundation. Clogged drains can cause the water to spill over, seep through the foundation and flood the basement.

Roof and Exterior Damage

Inspect the exterior side of your home for damage to siding, foundation, or roof. Have any damage repaired before winter by calling experts. Exterior paint peeling can indicate that the house is prone to more wear and is not protected against the weather elements.

Missing, loose, or warped shingles on the roof indicate that the roof needs repairs and that the house is not safely protected against water damage during the winter months.

A chimney inspection is essential before using your fireplace. Check the flashings around the chimney and replace the caulk to prevent water damage. Schedule a professional cleaning to avoid creosote and soot build-up, a fire hazard. Ensure the chimney cap is in place to prevent downdrafts, serve as a spark guard, and prevent critters from crawling down the chimney.Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Smoke and Carbon Detectors

Test your carbon and smoke detectors and replace the batteries to ensure they are in optimal working condition. Smoke alarms provide an early warning of fire to protect the people at home. However, if not fully functional, it can cause people to die, as three of every five home fire deaths resulted in homes where the fire alarm was not in working condition.

Fall is the time to check your fire extinguishers, show the people at home how it works, and have an evacuation plan in emergencies.


Ensure that your plumbing systems are intact and working correctly—test the pressure valves on the water heater before any leaks. Insulation for the pipes and faucets can help prevent freezing in cold weather. Shut off exterior faucets and hoses after draining them thoroughly to prevent freezing.

Landscaping and Outdoors

There are many ways to get the outdoor area of your home neat and ready for the colder months to come. Start with the sprinklers to winterize it – check on the time, duration, and frequency of the sprinkler. Prepare the yard by pruning the trees and bushes around your property to avoid falling limbs during winter storms. Treat the trees with a fungicide to prevent the risk of disease. Give the rest of the garden the hibernation time, and do not plant or move new plants and trees unless you are growing fall vegetables. Adding mulch to the garden beds can retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. Aerate the lawn to help soil health and allow water to penetrate deeper. Tidy the yard by raking dry leaves before rain and moisture can cause mold and mildew growth. Keep the walkways accessible with low-voltage or solar lanterns. Fill up any cracks in the driveways to prevent water from seeping in, making the cracks larger.

Keep all equipment close to use in winter for a quick rake, shovel, or snow blower for that unexpected snowfall in Mission or a quick tidying of the yard.

Keep the Home Warm and Cozy

Give your fireplace a facelift with stone slabs or tiles around it to prevent soot and dust from entering the room. Make the hearth the focal point for everyone to gather around while keeping fire hazards like newspapers, books, and flammable material on the mantelpiece at a safe distance. A good set of glass fireplace doors can block downdrafts to add a chill to the room. It also provides a barrier between the fireplace and pets or little children, keeping them safe and preventing sparks from flying into the room. Stock up on firewood, keeping it in a dry, easily accessible space. Warm up rooms with cozy carpets to put your feet on when leaving the bed on cold mornings. Consider wall-to-wall carpeting in rooms that do not get enough warmth and sunlight.

Embrace fall, preparing your home for the changes it brings. Follow these few maintenance tips to ensure a comfortable, warm, functional, and beautiful home to relax and enjoy the crisp fall days, knowing you can face the winter months to come.
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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters in Your Edinburg Home

Pretty Indian woman chilling resting on comfortable armchair near panoramic windows in light sunny modern living room, female closing eyes enjoy free time and fresh conditioned air inside cozy house

Indoor air quality matters in every home, whether in Edinburg or elsewhere. The good news is that Edinburg generally has a decent air quality index, making it easier for homeowners to maintain indoor air quality.

However, at times, poor home insulation and poor HVACs elevate the situation and worsen the indoor air quality compared to the outdoors. This should not be overlooked, especially if you have kids, pets, or anyone with asthma at home. Good indoor air quality impacts the longevity of your life. How, you ask? Let’s find out.

Maintains overall health and well-being

Double AC units outside white brick home with green landscape and gravel

The quality of the air you breathe matters. Indoor air, when severely affected by dust and pollutants, can impact your overall health. Breathing in polluted air results in respiratory illnesses and is a greater cause of headaches, anxiety, fatigue, skin problems, throat illnesses, and other health problems.

Hence, good indoor air quality is necessary for living a life free from frequent chronic diseases. Regardless to say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Even a minor injury to the body has a large bearing on your overall mood. Like good weather uplifts the physical well-being of a human, so does breathing in good-quality air.

Aids in living a comfortable life

Comfortable living is the ultimate goal of every homeowner. This is why home builders in McAllen are going to great lengths to make new home communities ultra comfortable. However, along these lines, the indoor air quality of your home also matters. The new home communities are equipped with better HVAC systems to ensure the indoor air quality remains top-notch.

Landscaping is one of the ways to maintain fresh and clear air around your home. Using indoor plants also helps reduce the pollutants inside the house. The cleaner the indoor air quality, the fresher and healthier one feels. Not to mention, all this adds to living a comfortable life.

Reduces the presence of mold and mildew

Good indoor air quality, wherein the exchange of hot and cold air within the house is balanced, is also beneficial for the health of the ‘house.’ The house becomes less susceptible to mildew and mold.

Ill african young woman covered with blanket blowing running nose got fever caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on sofa, sick allergic black girl having allergy symptoms coughing at home, flu concept

Mold and mildew grow in damp areas with poor drainage and insulation systems. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that maintaining good indoor air quality depends a lot on the quality of your house. A well-built home has natural ventilation that keeps the air fresh and clean.

Breathing in the same air where mold and mildew are covering the walls and basement isn’t healthy by any means. These harmful substances release spores and mycotoxins into the air. Prolonged exposure to such air can eventually degrade your respiratory health. The best way to avoid the growth of mold and mildew is to maintain the humidity levels in your home. This can be done naturally through proper ventilation or artificially using dehumidifiers at home.

Eliminates the presence of allergens and irritants

Family members who stay indoors most of the day have to bear the wrath of bad indoor air quality. More so, if any family member is sensitive to allergies or asthma, the presence of allergens in the home is even dangerous. Continuous exposure to home allergens and irritants can degrade their quality of life.

Good indoor air quality ensures your home is free from such allergens. Some allergens at home include pet dander, pollen, dust mites, the circulation of polluted air through furnaces and HVACs, etc.

If you experience constant sneezing, skin redness, and other related symptoms, it’s important to check your indoor air quality. Get the HVAC filters cleaned regularly, make sure your home is well-ventilated, use indoor plants that help clean the air, and use indoor air purifiers to maintain indoor air quality.

Increases your property’s value

Senior male reaching up to open filter holder for air conditioning filter in ceiling

This benefit of good indoor air quality seems like an overstatement, but it’s surely true. A home with good indoor air quality automatically has more value. Potential buyers will be more interested in a well-ventilated, insulated home than one with poor ventilation.

Moreover, good indoor air quality also prevents the wear and tear of the home. With the absence of mold, mildew, and high humidity levels, the walls, basement, and flooring stay intact and new. This ultimately keeps the value of the home high.

Reduction of VOCs

Cooking contributes a lot to poor indoor air quality. The smoke released during cooking and even gases released from household products like refrigerators contribute significantly to indoor air quality. These pollutants are termed volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are also found in floor cleaning products, paints, and other forms.

While entirely eliminating these compounds is highly unlikely, you can aim for less exposure. Proper ventilation at home is one way of getting rid of these compounds. Make sure there is proper air exchange around the home. The air shouldn’t keep circulating within the four walls of the home.

If you have someone who smokes at home, proper ventilation ensures the other family members do not smoke passively. Good indoor air quality through proper air filtration systems helps eliminate harmful chemicals released into the air.

Mitigation of exposure to radon

Radon has been considered one of the main sources of poor indoor air quality. The building materials and ground site expose your indoor air to radon. Radon can get into your home through domestic gas supplies and tap water.

However, proper air ventilation is one way to mitigate the exposure. Builders can employ proper ventilation systems to reduce or eliminate radon inflow into the house.

Final Words

Edinburg has fairly good air quality; however, high humidity levels in the air can be troublesome. This could be a major contributing factor to your poor indoor air quality.

To improve the air quality index in your Edinburg home, the foremost requirement is proper ventilation. This could be achieved by properly placing doors, windows, and screens. Landscaping is another medium to improve indoor air quality. Proper HVAC maintenance of HVACs, air filtering systems, and dehumidifiers are other ways to reduce the harmful chemicals in the indoor air.

Furthermore, choosing the right home builders in McAllen, Tx, is also important. That said, Dolcan Homes takes all the right steps during construction to ensure your indoor air quality remains in check. Contact us today to learn more about improving indoor air quality in your Edinburg home.